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Pictures are proofs of the time taken. At any moment it can all change.

Shooting pictures of special and one of a king moments is what a photographer lives for.
Capturing these moments should be a passion for even beginning photographers. Tips and tricks to shooting fascinating pictures is in the heart. An eye for detail, changes in light and temperature, contrast and distance for instance, can change a photo dramatically. Using black and white for example can make your photo stand out for the originality that it deserves.

For instance look at the photo to your right. If I would have taken this in color it would have lost it;s originality or age. The house is very old and deserves to be seen in it's natural nature. The fact that it was once a home makes it intriguing. And by all means name your photos according to what you see directly in the photo. Your Heart.

Have fun and take several shots of your subject. Sometimes the person taking the photo has a much better chance of capturing the perfect photo if they move according too what they want the viewer to see. Angles are a great source of catching details that would commonly be missed if shooting centered.

I have read multiple articles that the best photographers in the world have written and 9 out of ten will say that a centered photo is boring. Shoot at angles and experiment with distance, and camera settings.Then when you capture that one of a kind picture, upload it her and share it with the world.

I got this Hawk in a tree right outside our house. He looks like he could be mean! 

Where Did that DRAGONFLY GO? 

I know he is here SOMEWHERE!!!! 


( To the left ) Plattin Slab in Festus, Mo.  Back in the day it use to be a swimming hole.This is a old old tree I love. It provided a lot of much needed shade on them oh so hot days. It is at least 9ft around and hollow inside. It is actually burnt inside from people making fires in it while camping and fishing overnight.

   Below is me INSIDE the tree! Cool HuH!!!

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