This is Kodiak, My neighbors best buddy! He is such a big BABY! 

My best friend Samson! About 3 months old! He was so adorable! 

 Kody and Samson! Best Buds!!!

This was Baby Girl, I adopted her and found out she was expecting. Unfortunatly I could not keep her or the gorgeous kittens.   

This was one of my favorite cats " ROMEO" He was a stray ( about a yr. old )  that showed up at our home in the winter of 2009. He was seriously injured and hungry.  I heard him crying and lured him from under our house with food. He grew strong and huge! I was never able to get him neutered and he would disappear for days at first. It became weeks, and then he finally just never came back. I still wait for him to show up someday. 

Romeo I miss you so much!!!Where did you go? 

This is Dalilah, our most recent addition to our family. I should of named her Trouble as she is in to everything! LOL!!!

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