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  IT once was a HOME!
This shot was taken on the side of the highway near Warrenton, Mo. It totally caught my eye as 
I love photos of old abandoned houses. It's hard to believe that this old rugged house use 
to be a home to a family years ago.
I won an award for this photo by the Boulevard of Photographers

This is the famous Taum Sauk Tower that overlooks the river. I thought it was fascinating in its design and structure. It looks more like a tree house that I would not want to climb. 

Above is the Electric Company that all of us from Festus, Crystal City , Mo. know as RUSH TOWER! 

It is located on the Mississippi River and very well known to the local fisherman for catching massive catfish! Yes they do eat them!!!!

 To the left:

This is an old Silo grain tower that is located on Plattin Road in Festus, Mo. 

(Jefferson County). Many of you that see this photo may know exactly where it is located. 

I have known of several accidents as  it is the first thing you see when rounding a very sharp curve. If you do not make the turn because your going too fast, well you get the picture.

Unfortunately the vehicles suffer a lot of damage , while the tower remains to claim it's victims.

I took this shot while on a helicopter ride. This casle is located on the Mississippi River just outside of Festus / Crystal City, Mo 

Pics above and below!

This was the site of an old Hospital in Iron County.

It was abandoned in the late 70s. From what the stories portray is it was closed to patient abuse and neglect. In my closeup pics there seemed to be orbs all around the door. Unfortunately they did not show when I downloaded the pics. The original however gave me goosebumps and a very eerie, sad feeling.

This was a mental facility just outside of Arcadia , Mo .I look at these type of places and just wonder  what stories could be told if the walls could speak! Makes you wonder huh!

These are some cannons from the civil war located at Pilot Knob in Mo. Every year a re-enactment  is held, and people from all around the world attend. Many soldiers lost their lives on this stretch of ground and it has been told that siting s of lost soldiers have been sited wondering the grounds in mourn.

  To the left and above is the railroad used to export / import  coal from the Mississippi river floor at Rush Tower In Festus, Mo.. The electric plant is used for refining and manufacturing. Just one hint of advice! Security is strict and any public citizen found trying to get on the grounds will be arrested.

 This is a bridge located at Cherokee Landing near Bonne Terre, Mo. I thought this was a really cool shot! Instead of reconstructing the bridge at one time, they took off  HALF the bridge and cut it down to one lane so that it could still be used.

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