Always reach high and you will be successful!

I love this pic of the railroad! I guess it makes me realize that there is NO STOPPING POINT OR  DESTINATION!  YOU CAN GO WHERE EVER YOU WANT.

Connections are everything!

never burn a bridge as someday you may need to cross it!

Wow! Look at the shadows off of the water! These are natural shots that a photographer live for. No duplication here! If you have  passion  you see  nature in the real mode!  You can never change it!

These are railroad tracks to " somewhere ".

The photo above was taken by a friends husband (Jean Lunsford ) while on his route early in the AM. It is just one of many gorgeous pics he took.

This is Rend Lake in Illinois. We took a vacation here in June 2012. It was so brautiful  

beautiful. The people were extremely friendly, and the accomidations were awesome!


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